dijous, 8 de gener de 2015

Trobar el propòsit de vida

 Una qüestió per reflexionar durant aquest any que acabem de començar, seria preguntar-nos pel nostre propòsit en la vida, la nostra missió. El que dóna sentit a la nostra existència, allò pel qual estem en aquest món ...

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  1. Jo ho tinc molt clar, per ser intèrpret, artista i poeta.

  2. I think you've said it: purpose. Purpose is what we need in life. I think without it we suffer, but with it, whether it lasts three days, three years or three decades (we haven't yet been able to complete something lasting 300 years), we need something to focus on, to dedicate our thoughts and time to and most importantly, something that we consider to be important to taking our lives further. Although I reject any notion of 'being happy' as a legitimate aim in life, the feeling of having a purpose will bring happiness as result, but only after we have struggled to achieve what we set out to achieve.

    The wider idea of 'why we're here?' is unanswerable and here we should perhaps be like Satre and a bit pessimistic: we're making it up as we go along.

    1. For some people, try to find the purpose can be a purpose itself. Thanks for your point of view.

  3. Encara que hi crec poc, en els propòsit i els sentits de la vida -en un sentit reduccionista, si més no-, desitjo que els propòsits que et faci es vagin convertint en joioses realitats.


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